Our Products

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our experienced team works exclusively with the most sustainable active packaging materials to cater your food spoilage problems.


Silica Gel Packets

Mist Sorb variant are carefully micro perforated with Laser  to create Multiple Pinholes which ensure they can easily absorb moisture.  


Reverse printed Ink

Aiwa is self breathable fabric which  has good ventilation for moisture adsorption. 

Neat and Clean look

No Fibre Contamination

High breathable

Tyvek Fabric is Patent product from DuPont USA.

Non tearable, Non Dusting,

Non Linting

Pharma & Nutraceutical Grade

US FDA compliance 

Oxygen Absorbers

Ageless - Mitsubishi Japan

AGELESS by Mitsubishi is World#1 Brand in Oxygen Absorbers. Made entirely from 100% activated ingredients -providing MAXIMUM AIR EXPOSURE Time.

US FDA certified

Sustainability Properties

At Oxymist, we’re committed to empowering businesses to find the most sustainable packaging solution that exists for each of their needs.